Competing Voices

When we read the first chapters of the book of Genesis we are confronted with what I believe is one of our most basic temptations. Whose voice will we listen to? We know the story of Genesis 3 and the Fall. Eve is tempted in the Garden by the voice of the serpent. “Did God really say?” “You will not surely die.” Satan twists and questions the word of God and the question for Eve and Adam becomes whose voice will you listen to? They choose the voice of the tempter. The voice of their own selfish desires. This is a loss of faith in the goodness of God and the sufficiency of His commands for our joy. They choose the voice glorifying them instead of God.


Genesis 16 shows us another example of this temptation. Sarai and Abram are tired of waiting on the promise of God. Reality does not line up with their perception of the promise of God to give them a son. Sarai takes matters into her own hands. She tells Abram to take Hagar as his wife and to have a son by her. She tries to fulfill God’s promise in her own way. Verse 2 ends with the author telling us “And Abram listened to the voice of Sarai.” Abram heard the promise of God. Time had passed and now Abram has a choice to either listen to the voice and promise of God and wait on Him or to listen to the voice of Sarai, the voice of urgency. He chooses the urgent.


We all have a choice on which voice we will choose to listen to each and everyday. Will we trust God’s promises and His word even when they are slow by our standards or will we give in to the voice of the urgent, of the moment and choose our own way, our own will, our own timing? Will we trust God’s word as good and His commands as joy or will we seek our own desires and way above all? As we start a new year let us resolve together to listen and trust the voice and promises of God. The urgent many times is in opposition to faith. The temptation is to give in to the urgent and to give in to our own glory. Give us ears to hear Lord. May we know the voice of the Lord and may we hear and respond to Him trusting His voice and His will.


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