The Way Forward Is To Remember

One of the best ways to move forward is to look back. The Christian life is one of remembrance. Over and over again throughout Scripture the people of God are called to remember.

Moses tells the Israelites in the wilderness throughout the book of Deuteronomy the way to remain faithful in the Promised Land is to remember what God has done. The way to be obedient to what God is calling you to do and who He is calling you to be is to remember the salvation from slavery you experienced in Egypt, the power of God in the Passover, and the provision of God in the wilderness. Remember what God has done and pass these truths down to your children and their children after them.

The way forward is to remember.

We see this same call in the Psalms and prophets. The writers continually call Israel to remember what God has done, to remember what God has promised, to remember who God declares them to be in Him. I am your God, you are my people. They are called to remember their identity, to remember the powerful acts and words of God.

The way forward is to remember.

At the last supper Jesus tells the disciples gathered at the table that from this moment forward whenever they take the bread and the cup they should do so, “in remembrance of me”. The church throughout her history has gathered to remember the body and blood of Jesus. When we gather together week in and week out we sing songs that remind us of the glory and grace of God, we hear the word proclaimed and our hearts are set on the good news of the Gospel, reminding one another of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and we are sent out to live faithfully where God calls us remembering the commission and His faithfulness to help us fulfill it.

The Christian life is a life of remembrance.

The way forward is to remember.

How do we face uncertain days ahead? How do we walk through the valleys of life in a broken world?

We remember.

Hope is found in remembering. We face tomorrow with confidence because we remember what God has done in the past and is doing in the present. Hope is found in Jesus, and one of the main ways we remain in Jesus day in and day out is remembering who Jesus is, who we are in Him, what He has done, and trusting what He has promised to do. Remember God loves you. Remember God is for you, and if you doubt these truths look to Jesus and remember the body and blood, remember the empty tomb.

The way forward is to remember.


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